Online casino software: peculiarities of purchasing

A casino is a facility where gambling is organized. Over time these establishments were banned in many countries. It’s true not just for real, but for virtual clubs as well. However, in some countries where casino activities are legal, casinos are allowed in certain regions or areas to limit many of the negative aspects of this activity, and to place the gambling business under tighter control.

Anyway, gambling is still a very attractive field for an enterprising person. The abundant market has enough offers to supply a new casino with the necessary solutions. Gaming software being the basis for any online gambling club is certainly among the most important ones. There’re two basic ways a beginner entrepreneur can acquire casino software:

Standard purchasing

The purchase of a full-fledged project is a perfect solution for those who want to make a sure bid on the highly competitive online gaming market. You will not have to order the individual parts of the gambling resource because the purchase of the full package implies all the necessary products.

If the purchase of the casino software implies individual development, that is, the creation of an exclusive product according to special requirements, the cost of the final project will be high. But at least it’s worth it. In the end you will get a website with dynamic design, the installation of functional software script with a large number of popular apps, the configuration of the software, i.e. the entire set of works, which allow you to start a new casino and get profits almost immediately after the launch.

You will eventually get a full, versatile resource with dynamic, interesting design, the optimal script, modules, and a full set of popular games and slots.

Rental of online casino software

The rental of gaming software includes customer support, regular updates of the functional, the integration of additional features in project design, and during its further operation. The maintenance of the leased software is also included in the cost for using the product and is provided to customers as necessary and when complexities arise.

Gambling products that are leased cannot be bought. Although some companies give its clients the right to buy out a casino in case an establishment turns out to become a successful gaming club and its owners have enough resources for that.

You can become a full owner of an Internet casino and receive all the profits during the lease period. It’s really advantageous to rent a casino because you’re not risking anything. Especially that you are granted a full access to the admin part and complete freedom of customization.

Order of rental:

  • after the payment is received, the site is removed from a sale list;
  • payment systems get connected;
  • the lease provider does not charge any additional fees for the entire lease;
  • the transfer of the site with the connected payment systems takes some time (usually about several hours);
  • the payment system is registered at the email of the customer, or at the server’s mail with the access given to client.

Top 5 gambling software developers

Currently the gambling market is presented by an immense number of software providers. Nevertheless, it’s possible to name some of them that became indisputable leaders of the industry:

The Microgaming software is a real masterpiece of modern gambling. The company supplies casino owners with the best and most relevant gaming content (slot machines, bingo, poker rooms, tabletop games, etc.). The diversity of products from this developer made it one of the most attractive providers for online casinos.

The NetEnt casino software is, first and foremost, the quality of all products. The collection contains several dozens of different games including slot machines, video poker, many kinds of desktop and card games (blackjack, poker, dices), roulette, lottery, horse racing, and more. All of those feature excellent animation, 3D graphics, fun storylines, pleasant music background.

The BetSoft software is truly unique because it allows betting and games all of which are based on the principle of a live casino since the company has its own studios, which the games are broadcasted from.

Many large online casinos run on the Playtech software since it guarantees the impeccable quality of play, design and sounds of the Flash 3D slot games.

The value of the EveryMatrix software is determined by the originality of its services, which are mainly focused on the bookmaker sphere. The software is supported by all operating systems and the products are easily integrated on PCs and mobile devices.